Bespoke Garden Buildings

Bespoke sheds built to last using highest quality materials. Manufactured & installed by skilled craftsmen custom built to meet your specific needs

Bespoke Sheds

long narrow sheds to fit down side of house
Garden storage sheds for gardens without much space, narrow sheds are perfect for making use of that little amount of space outside . They can make use of an area that would overwise be unused, especially down the side of the house. A narrow storage shed is ideal for storing all your garden tools & garden furniture.

Bespoke Summerhouses

storage shed summer house combo building
Not got room for that storage shed and a summerhouse, get a summer house shed combo unit. Being a shed manufacturer we build any bespoke combination of shed that you can think of. Choose how much will be shed & how much to be summer house, we can partition your bespoke garden building just the way you need it.

Bespoke Garden Office

bespoke garden office / party shed
Bespoke garden offices can create a space for working from home. Somewhere to separate home life and work life. A fully lined & insulated garden office interior can be just as comfortable as any office indoors. Whatever you are looking for from a garden home office to a garden office pod or somewhere you can just chill out in your own space.

Bespoke Garden Buildings

Bespoke Sheds. Taking your individual ideas & creating a unique building that suits your every need. Designed to fit in with your garden space and use.

Bespoke Security Sheds

bespoke security shed
We can build you a custom size & design security shed, being able to retain the natural light gained by having windows but with out the flaw of giving access to unwanted criminals. Our small security windows do just that and can be fitted with steel laced glazing to give optimal protection.

Totally Bespoke

BBQ hut / summer house combo
Summer house with BBQ area has just got to be one of those have it all garden buildings. The garden party functional building, because we all know its going to start raining as soon as we have the BBQ going. It's just like having a kitchen in the garden. A true burger house man cave. Hope that comes with chips.???

classic range

Made with 45x35mm framing
15mm shiplap cladding.
12 x 8 max size

premier range

Made with 70x35mm framing
15mm shiplap cladding.
Any size

robust range

Made with 70x35mm framing
22mm shiplap cladding.
Any size