Beach Huts

Quality timber beach huts. We manufacture & install beach huts. We can also arrange removal of your old beach hut. Working throughout Essex & Suffolk.

Premier Beach Hut

beach hut at frinton
We manufacture our premier beach huts beyond the specification of local council specs. be assured that a beach hut from us will be one of the best beach huts and last for many years. A beach hut must stand very harsh weather conditions, so we make our beach huts the strongest they can be, custom-made beach huts are built to order and installed on site.

Double Door Beach Hut

double door beach hut at brightlingsea
We have supplied beach huts in Essex, beach huts in Suffolk and all around the east coast including West Mersea, Walton on the naze, Clacton on sea, Holland on sea, Frinton, Harwich and Felixstowe. We have even made garden beach huts for customers that have property backing on to water. Individually designed according to personal choice or location.

Single Door Beach Hut

single door beach hut at dovercourt
Cladding on our beach huts is fixed using stainless steel nails, don’t accept anything less. We only use TVG boarding rather than inferior OSB on floors & roofs. Roofs are covered in top quality green mineral felt. Our beach huts have only galvanised hinges, locks and tower bolts. Beach huts can be coated in an environmentally friendly water-based paint.

Custom made Beach huts

Manufacturing Quality timber beach huts. We specialise in the supply & fitting of a range of bespoke beach hut buildings throughout Essex & Suffolk.

Robust Beach Hut

Robust double door beach hut at brightlingsea
HEIGHTS: Eaves 2.1m , Ridge 2.5m.
FRAMING: 35 x 70mm planed timber.
CLADDING: 15mm or 22mm ship-lap.
FLOOR: 12mm t.v.g. on 35 x 45mm frame.
ROOF: 12mm t.v.g. on 35 x 70 mm frame. 20 kg green mineral roofing felt.
DOOR: framed ledged & braced with lockable shoot bolt.

Glazed Door Beach Hut

glazed inner door beach hut
Offering a variety of beach hut styles and designs. Your luxury beach hut can be the dream beach hut you have always wanted the only limit is your imagination. We can also line and insulate your beach hut to make it an all year round treat. With our new glazed doors right at the front of the beach hut you retain full use of the interior.

Beach Hut Storm Doors

beach hut with storm doors
Choice of roof coverings from standard felt to heavy duty felt & EPDM long life rubber roofing. Double doors or single with shutter. Paper lining and insulating to floor walls and roof. the supply and installation of new beach huts. We make all sizes to meet specification and bespoke designs. We quote for the removal and disposal of existing beach huts.