Shed base work

Shed Base work, you no longer have to cover your garden with concrete opt for an  eco-friendly base which allows you to retain drainage & less expensive.

Bearers on shingle

bearers placeed on shingle
Bearers can be used to site your shed; example shows bearers being used on a shingle base this is a good system as it gives good drainage all around your shed. The bearers do not come in direct contact with the ground and should not rot out. Using at least 50mm depth of shingle also makes levelling of the bearers easier.

Beach hut base

stump post frame for beach hut
This example shows a beach hut base using six concrete stump posts concreted into the ground. A pressure treated 6*2 frame work bolted to the stump post. We would then position the timber floor onto this base work and screw down with galvanised screws. The bonus of this system is that your beach hut is anchored to the ground.

Bearer base work

bearer base for hard standing
Siting your garden building on a patio or on a pre-prepared concrete base may require bearers. This is to allow air flow under your shed and allow rain water to flow and not become trapped under your building. When bearers are used this way, they allow for the use of packing pieces to be used which can help to remedy fluctuations in levels.

Garden Shed Eco Bases

Your garden shed needs to have a sound and firm base to sit on that’s away from moisture. Our eco bases can be removed as easily as installed unlike concrete.

Soft unlevel ground

covering vegtable plot with base for workshop
When the area you want to use to place your new garden building is a little bit up and down or the ground is a little soft, our stump post system can be used in this situation as we are able to vary the length of stump post and dig down deep enough to find firmer ground. This picture demonstrates using an old vegetable plot. It's now home to a workshop

Concrete plinth base

concrete plinth base work
Another form of base work we have often used, is to use concrete plinths bedded on a mortar mix. This works very similarly to the timber bearer base but being concrete there are no rot issues to worry about. This system allows for a very firm base but without covering your garden in large areas of concrete. This system allows for good drainage

No concrete option

stump post & frame when concrete wont work
Stump & frame for placing large garden sheds, its sometimes very difficult to find an area level enough for a concrete pad, this can lead to extra cost with concrete bases to either make up ground levels or dig deeper until site is level then the cost of base its self. Not to mention getting that much concrete from the mixer truck to the site.