Beach huts in the Suffolk area

Looking for a new top quality Beach huts in the Suffolk area then look no more. We manufacture some of the best timber buildings available Online in the UK.

We install & deliver Beach huts to all areas of Suffolk including:

Beach huts. Essex, Suffolk, Brightlingsea, Clacton, Mersea, Southend, Walton, Felixstowe, Frinton and all round the Essex and Suffolk coast.

Top quality beach huts in Suffolk

Here at Stix & Stones we have designed all of our beach huts to go beyond the specification of local council specs.So you can be assured that a beach hut we build for you will be the best beach hut and last for many many years. We offer styles and sizes individually designed according to personal choice or location. Your luxury beach hut can be the dream beach hut you have always wanted the only limit is your imagination. We can also line and insulate your beach hut to make it an all year round treat. A beach hut has to stand up to very harsh weather conditions around our coast so we make our beach huts the best beach huts they can be, custom-made beach huts are built to order for customers and installed on site. We only use tvg boarding rather than inferior plywood or O.S.B in floors as well as roofs. Roofs are covered in top quality green mineral felt.  Our beach huts have only galvanised hinges, locks and tower bolts. Beach hut exteriors can be coated in an environmentally friendly water-based paint